Digital Solutions

Find A Solution That Works For You

Localized Customer Plans

When you partner with us, you pay $0 per-customer sent. The experts at The SMB Team will work in partnership with you to create a qualified customer generation plan. If you’re new with us, we will send you low hanging fruit (i.e. customers ready to do business with you). After we build the trust, we will focus more on exposing you to a larger market, considering that your business can handle more customers from us.

Digital Advertising

The SMB Team has developed an effective method of generating high-quality customers through the use of the “Search Space.” Backed with research, we create a highly-targeted search marketing campaign that can generate business for our customers almost immediately. Not to mention, we track all of the data gathered with our SMB Search Marketing™ campaigns, so you can use it in future marketing correspondence.


Search Engine Optimization

It all starts with an audit. Once we determine what needs to be fixed both on your website (On-Page) and off of your website (Off-Page), then we recommend a short-term Setup Plan (usually including Google MyBusiness) and then a long-term Content Plan and Link Building Plan. With your renewed website plan, more customers will find you and (here’s the exciting part) you will eventually generate free leads from our efforts in the future.

SMB Social Media Customer Marketplace™

The SMB Team invented the term “Social Media Initiative Marketing”. Put simply, we only utilize social media if it is tied to a specific objective or initiative that is relevant to our customer’s business. We utilize Facebook’s custom audience segmentation to target the perfect customers within your market. We also will promote your visual and written content on all of your social platforms, to magnify your Search Optimization results.