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What Does The SMB Team Look For?

  1. Integrity

  2. Intelligence

  3. Energy

  4. Hunger to Learn


The SMB Hiring Process™

Integrity, Intelligence & Maturity Testing

Test #1: Integrity, Intelligence & Maturity. This is usually determined during the first interview. We have our ways.

The 4-E (and 1-P) Framework (From Jack Welsch)

Test #2: What is the 4-E and 1-P Framework? The 4-E’s are as follows: Energy, Energizing, Edge, Execution. The 1-P is Passion.

Leadership Testing For Authenticity, Humility & Resilience

Test #3: Leadership Testing. We need leaders. Can you inspire others and stay positive when things get tough?

SMB Team Core Values (Can you relate?)

The SMB Team and all of its employees, contractors and vendors exist for the following 3 reasons. This is WHY we get out of bed in the morning, work so hard and are so passionate about every amazing that we do for our customers. Are you Customer-Obsessed? Are you a big thinker or a little thinker? How about your ability to take risk? Are you fear-based or excitement-based? Think about it before you apply for a career opportunity with us.

Be Obsessed With Customers 0
Think Big. Scratch That...Think Huge! 0
Take Calculated Risks 0

Think you’re ready? Reach out to our friendly staff and we can start the discussion.